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harmony and beauty

the rediscovery of our local area

“When you buy something hand-crafted, you are not buying a simple product, but hundreds of hours of experiments, failures and tests, times of frustration, and moments of pure joy. You are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul. You are buying its passion”.

This is what happened in the design and development process of our products, our creatures. We were frightened by the amount of work and by the thousand unexpected events, the delays in delivering fabrics, the mistakes and the results which were sometimes disappointing. But we were thrilled to bits the first time we saw Giovanna the hot air balloon come to life from the skilled hands of Ettore and Mariangela, and when the shelves of our warehouse were filled with our first complete production.

Even during the low points, we have always felt the support and professionalism of our artisans. They have always been there to advise us, to find solutions, and to amaze us every time with their availability and skill.

In fact, our headquarters are located in Bergamo, at the start of the Val Seriana, where there is a very strong textile tradition that has its roots in the Middle Ages and spans the entire supply chain: from spinning and weaving, to finishing, printing and packaging.

The Val Seriana workers were famous for their manual skills, their refined embroidery and fabric decoration technique.

In the mid-nineteenth century, this valley experienced a real industrial revolution and small factories became large textile industries that supported a large part of the local population.

However, at the beginning of the new millennium, this growth suffered a severe setback due mainly to global competition, which penalised those who failed to be innovative.

But the industriousness and ingenuity of the Valley has meant that many realities have reinvented themselves, handed down over time the knowledge and traditions of textile processing.

In our journey to discover the local area, we had the opportunity to meet special people, true professionals, who love their work and are fully available to share their history and experience.

We were struck by it, but at the same time we were genuinely touched by the crisis in the sector; by the risk of losing all the wealth of knowledge and by the difficult period that the artisans, entrepreneurs and workers in the area are experiencing due to globalisation and the subsequent health emergency.

We were moved by the desire to enhance the potential of the local area, and aware of the technical excellence and skill of these professionals, therefore we decided that Miscimù would take shape here, in the Val Seriana. With the collaboration of skilled artisans, we have created a new line of products of the highest quality, made with great care and paying great attention to every tiny detail.

Miscimù was launched from our passion for beauty, understood not only as an aesthetic standard, but as harmony. Harmony between fabrics, patterns and colours, but also a balance between all the parts involved in the production process, between man and man, between man and work, and between man and nature.

This is why we have chosen our ‘zero kilometre’ production, to create an organisation that respects man and his work.

We have looked for natural materials, organic cottons, Tuscan yarn-dyed fabrics, Spanish and French prints, and water-treated woods. All certified materials, to protect the wellbeing and safety of children, and environmentally sustainable. Even the packaging has been designed to be as low-impact as possible, limiting the quantity of materials used and promoting the use of fabric instead of plastic. It is not perfect yet, but we are doing our best, because in our small way we feel responsible for the beauty of the world.

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